Let Me
Introduce Myself

If you had looked into your crystal ball and told me that I would grow up to be an author, I would have had a good laugh. I hated writing in school. For some reason, I was drawn to history, and I liked it enough to major in it. Although, at the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with my degree. In thinking back, I should have double-majored in anthropology. While I love learning about historical events, I’m fascinated with learning how the common people lived throughout history.

Some years ago, I stumbled across Paul Gaugin’s journal of his life in Tahiti. He was fortunate enough to find a village on a remote island where the Polynesians hadn’t been influenced by Western civilization. His insights about the people and their culture fascinated me. A funny thing happened, Gaugin’s insights planted the seeds of inspiration forThe Woman from Eden trilogy. I’ve been weaving my tales ever since then.