A Maiden's Honor Cover

I had the opportunity to design the cover for A Maiden's Honor.  It was both fun and challenging at the same time.  While I preferred a nice painting of Sarah standing at the railing of the ship, looking out at the horizon, I couldn't afford to pay an artist to paint my idea.  Alas, I'm not an artist, The only people I can draw well are sick figures.  So I came up with Plan B.  (Click on: The Great Cover Odyssey for more details.)
The "A Maiden's Honor" cover is full of symbolism.  Here's a breakdown of the meaning for each element:

Water:  Sarah Campbell's Journey

Flower:  Sarah's Polynesian heritage

Tartan:  Sarah's Scottish heritage. (This is actually the Campbell tartan.)

Black Pearl:  Sarah's rarity. (Black pearls were very rare in Europe during the early 19th century.)

Anchor:  Sarah's marriage to a sea captain

Ring:  Sarah's Honor