Why I Write Historical Fiction

Consider this my mission statement. I am first and foremost a historian. Learning about history is my passion. I feeling strongly that it’s a subject that everyone should learn. I attended a political rally earlier this year. A student from one of the local high schools informed the politician that her school didn’t teach history and she wondered why. My heart was saddened when I heard that. I understand there is a growing trend to cut history out of the curriculum because the administrators do not see the relevance of teaching history, while other schools teach history that is not based on fact.

While I believe that English, math, science, etc. provide vital building blocks for a child’s success in life, learning about history, is important too.  History teaches us who we were and how we got to our present day. History is sometimes uplifting and often ugly. Good or bad, uplifting or ugly we owe it to our ancestors to learn the honest truth about our past so that we won’t repeat their mistakes. It is equally important to learn the whole truth about a culture or an event instead of picking and choosing facts to support our theory.

That is why I write historical fiction. Regardless of whether you love history or not, I hope you will enjoy reading my future blogs. More importantly, I encourage you to comment, make corrections, make suggestions, share your ideas, and/ or enter a dialogue with me about history – REAL history.